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Featured Artist – Timothy Simiyu Nyongesa

How old are you?

I am 37 years old.

Where are you from?

I am from Moi’s bridge Kenya Africa.

What is your musical background?

Been singing since I was young , I have wished to have our own recording studio to produce our own songs for 17 years now .Music is my favorite.

What do you do for work?

I am a pastor at Liberty church Moi’sbridge, beside that I work as a transporter privately,though I pray for a better car of my own to make the work more beneficial for me and the kids we care for .

Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

I want to be fully in music industry , full time singing and moving around the world with children blessing people , our desire is to have a fully equipped studio and all the equipment, to help train our kids ,so that when we go out we desire to do it live, we are limited by resources but my aspiration is to touch the world with our kids in music and hope , just to put a smile of hope in the nation’s of the Earth, people of all cultures.

What do you like to do that brings you joy in your life?

Our prayer is like I said earlier is to find a well wisher to assist us as the children of light to make a studio with all equipment, find volunteer music trainers to visit and train the children in music and playing sound system. Above all to also find any well wisher to help as run this project until it is fully functional. We hope to provide education to all abadoned kids in our country through our music talent .

How did you hear about Quarantine Karaoke?

Oh thank you for asking , one day I was just feeling so bad about my health , but while scrolling my phone I saw a young 15 year old girl singing and dancing , I could not stop watching her and most touching I liked what she is doing and she mentioned my name , and I got the energy to wake up and sing too.her name is Haillee .from that point I continued watching her for two weeks then I just tried to sing too on here, to my amazement people loved our music and staff even though they do not hear our words , and this has made me feel like I can fly now , I thank all of those and you for having the idea of doing this and giving us chance to share , there are many gifts out there that lack a platform to exercise their talent , I feel blessed and will support Karaoke for the rest of my life for exposing me and our children.

Checkout the video on the Quarantine Karaoke Facebook group page.

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