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Quarantine Karaoke Billie Hill

The 61-Year-Old Queen of Quarantine Karaoke Won’t Stop Singing From Her Living Room Original article found at Alba’s Billie Hill is a star in the 700,000-member-strong Facebook group dedicated to COVID-safe karaoke. Hill shares how filming herself singing has…

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CONTAINERS VS CODECS As the range of digital audio, video and photo formats continues to grow, it can sometimes be hard to make a clear-cut distinction between containers and codecs. A lot of that uncertainty can be traced to the…

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Featured Artist – Victor Tang

How old are you? I am  55 years old. Where are you from? I am from Australia, Melbourne. What is your musical background? Singer-pianist. Active 1988-2008 full time performer in various venues including casinos, bars, restaurants, weddings, etc., (& even…

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